STYX feedback

RAMZI, Partner & Manager at STYX – Gaming Lounge

Location: Lebanon – Achrafieh
Project: Social Media Marketing & Graphic Design
Case Study: We run Styx Gaming, a gaming center in the heart of Beirut, and our aspiration is to be at the heart of esports and entertainment. To grow any business, you need to grow the word, and so 2 months after launch, we immediately directed our attention to marketing through Facebook, and running offers that satisfy our customers. We eventually had a marketing plan, but had neither the time nor the expertise to implement it.
Your Expert VA came in to enable us in designing amazing posts that connected with our customers. The posts have the right blend of gaming, nerdiness, and humour. Most importantly, the posts did reach out to the people we care about most: Gamers.
Time has never been a challenge; our requests are met in matters of hours, without any lack of quality. Their team is open for ideas, and treats our business as their own. Finally, their work has been backed with visible numbers. Our page and business are growing, and all that with a minimal effort and investment from our end. Being an internet person and a gaming nerd, I look now at our page and feel that it just fits in! I’m looking forward to seeing how we will grow with Your Expert VA.


Location: Lebanon
Project: Cold calling clients
Case Study: During our early growth stage, we wanted to try cold calling our clients, but were unsure of the result, so hiring a full time employee just for this was out of the question. So we contacted Your Expert VA, and bought an hours package, and they handled the cold calling for us. This saved us time, effort, and money, and it was done professionally. We were able to test out our strategy in a professional yet cost efficient way. Looking forward to the next time we work with Your Expert VA!



Location: Lebanon
Project: Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing
Case Study: Jad owns a waterproofing, flooring and finishing business and wanted to build a website for his company, but didn’t have the time to meet with several agencies or freelancers and compare their offers. He also needed someone to maintain the website and take care of the SEO and Social Media Marketing, but found that hiring a full-time employee, or resorting to an agency, isn’t cost effective, because of the little – yet very important – work he needs done. So, Jad called us and we designed a logo for his business, built him a website, and are currently maintaining his SEO and Social Media Marketing at the lowest cost possible.



Location: Dubai
Project: Administrative Assistance, Graphic Design and Customer Support
Case Study: I am the founder of a startup on a bootstrap budget, so hiring experts for our graphic design needs, administrative services, and customer support – while paying on-demand basis – was, and still is, a key advantage to us. It allows us to provide the professional support our customers expect, while saving money to spend it on other critical aspects of our business, especially at the stage we are currently at. We highly recommend YourExpertVA for all your business needs. They have awesome account managers who make sure you are fully satisfied, and their pricing method is very cost effective, especially for startups. Thumps UP!



Location: Lebanon
Project: Administrative Assistance, Document Formatting and Travel Research
Case Study: Talal is an engineer who travels a lot and constantly has a lot of documents to submit, presentations to prepare and appointments to set. We came in, memorized his travel preferences and formatting styles, and took care of all his travel arrangements, presentation designing, and documents formatting. We also provided him with a 24/7 secretary to take care of setting his appointments so that his calendar is always organized and up-to-date. Talal was, and still is, very pleased with his virtual assistant as it enabled him to always meet his deadlines.



Location: Jordan
Project: Customer Support and Follow Up, Graphic Design and Appointment Setting
Case Study: Fatima opened her new wellness spa in Jordan just a few months ago and was very overwhelmed with all the shores and urgencies that kept popping up each day. She decided to hire us to answer her phone, set up her clients’ appointments, follow up with them, and answer any question they might have. She also hired us to take care of all her graphic design needs, from business cards, brochures, announcements, all the way to holiday greetings on social media. Today, Fatima has more time to focus on growing her business and opening new branches all over the country.

Note: All the above projects and clients’ details were disclosed only after taking the clients’ permissions. Any information or data shared with us by any of our customers is always kept confidential and never disclosed without the customer’s permission. We ensure our clients’ information and data security with our binding contracts and our Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), automatically considered signed by both parties and binding both parties, as soon as the client signs up to any plan.