Expert Administrative Assistants on Per-Usage Basis

Administrative Assistants are the backbone of any organization. They know almost everything about the organization and their bosses. They know what the organization needs, how the CEO thinks, and how he or she prefers things done. It’s not just administrative work. A good assistant keeps the business owner on time and in the know, and relays the same messages the business owner would relay. In other words, it’s an assistant’s job to make the organization and the CEO successful, and keep them organized and well informed.  And they do so, without having to ask again and again.

At YourExpertVA, your account manager and team of Administrative Assistants will learn and store your exact instructions, so that you never have to repeat them again.

Having a team of virtual administrative assistants will free you from the tedious administrative burdens, and give you more free time. You can then use this free time to focus on and grow your core business, learn a new hobby, or spend quality time with your family.

With YourExpertVA, you never pay for the time your VA is on Standby, you only pay when your VA does actual work for you, whether it’s answering the phone on your behalf, relaying messages to customers or employees, organizing your calendar, replying to emails, or buying a gift. If you don’t require any work done, you don’t pay anything, even if your VA is on standby, waiting to service your clients. It’s the ultimate efficiency. Some of the tasks our team handles on your behalf, are listed below:

Secretarial Services
Answering / Making Phone Calls
Scheduling and Coordinating Meetings
Organizing Shared and Backup Drives
Competitive Analysis
Business Documentation
Form Creation
Document Formatting and Proofing
Preparing Thank You Notes & Various Letters
Managing Calendars
Online Shopping & Purchases
Restaurant, Hotel and Airplane Tickets Research & Reservations
Full Travel and Car Rental Arrangements
Researching and Purchasing Products and Services

Basic Statistics
Drafting Content and Emails
Scheduling Deliveries and Courier Services
Scheduling Car and Taxi Services
Researching & Purchasing Gifts
Organizing and Managing Contact Lists
Correspondence Handling (Email, Phone, Efax, Skype, Chat)
Remote Access to Organize your computer’s files
Catalogs, Rates Search and Comparison
Web, Vendors and Companies Research
Sourcing Meal Preparation and Scheduling Delivery
Purchasing Research Reports
Deals & Schemes Research
Job Search & Application Submittals

Our administrative virtual assistants will learn all your instructions and recite any script you want answered. They will provide the same personalized services and professional interactions as a full time employee working in your office, with even better quality, more efficiency, but with lower costs, and on a per-usage and on-demand basis, thus saving you a lot of money.

Paying for services can’t get more efficient than this.

Corporate Representation and Assistance

Corporations worldwide are always looking for new ways to access, service and be represented in new countries and markets, but the hassles and high costs of expansion (Sourcing trusted help, finding and renting an office, interviewing and hiring full-time employees, registering and incorporating local companies, learning the local culture and business etiquette, etc.) are making it more and more difficult.

This is where Your Expert VA comes in. If you are a corporation looking to source information, provide a service, handle a request, complete paperwork, deliver items, be represented, and operate remotely in any of the MENA countries, then we are the partner for you. Our teams of local experts and agents are trained and ready to assist you in whatever you might need. We’ll take care of all required paperwork, we’ll find and recruit the required team, we’ll deliver your products and services, and we’ll handle all client communication, vetting processes, order and delivery procedures, up to client support, while always referring to you for guidance and feedback.

Contact us, create a local presence for your business, access new markets, and generate more sales.