24/7 Customer Support Experts

How would you feel, if you had a team of experts, trained, ready, and standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all your phone, email and chat support inquiries?

How would you also feel, if we told you, that you only have to pay them, if an inquiry takes place, and only for the time it takes to answer this inquiry? Can you think of a more efficient way to pay for expert customer support?

Yes, you read it right. Our trilingual experts will learn and memorize your Instructions, your Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers, your Terms and Conditions, your Procedures, your Solutions, your Policies, and the answers to any question a client might ask. And they will remain on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, waiting for clients to inquire about anything, and provide them the answers and support needed. And YES, you will only have to pay if an inquiry takes place, and only for the time it takes to answer this inquiry.

So how about you focus on growing your core business, and you leave customer support to us. Our team will provide you all of the below services and more:

All our Staff speaks English, Arabic and French
24/7 Phone Customer Support
24/7 Email Customer Support
24/7 Online Live Chat Support
Follow Up with Customers
Scheduling Appointments, Tasks & Reminders

Prospection and Lead Generation via Phone and Emails
International Calling and Answering
Managing Inbox, Accounts and Calendars
Our Experts will remain on Standby 24/7
Pay only if an inquiry takes place
Pay only for the duration of its resolution

Our Experts will learn the below, and answer all your clients:

Your Business’s Products and Services
Any Instruction you have.
Any message you would like to deliver to customers
Any script or sales pitch
Any Frequently Asked Question and its Answer

Your Terms and Conditions
Your Payment, Return and Refund Policies
Your Procedures and their Time
Your Case Studies
Anything else you want said or answered

YourExpertVA will help you reduce your employees’ cost by 60% instantly. There just isn’t a more cost efficient way to handle customer inquiries. If you have any question about our services or procedures, just give us a call, or fill in the quotation or contact form and we will take care of the rest.